Neuvěřitelné se stalo skutkem a družiníci Vukogvazdští konečně vydávají napospas četbychtivým drakobijcům prvý svazek svého písmáckého snažení. Naše Letopisy si můžeš objednat na a věříme, že jimi budeš nadšen...

v polski v hrvatski v български v česky

Vukogvazd is realm of pure magic, ancient myths, brave heroes and fearful monsters.

Vukogvazd is a deep forest on the frontier between fantasy and reality, legends and history, spirit and matter.

Vukogvazd is a dark demesne of werwolves, filled with whispering of souls enslaved within the enchanted trees.

The name Vukogvazd could be translated as "Wolvenwood". This fantasy world is continuously created since 1996 by the group of players of the original Czech role-playing game Dračí doupě ("Dragon Den") which some find a simplified copy of world famous Dungeons & Dragons.

The world was named after a dark and mystical forest situated in its spiritual center, solicitously balancing the powers of mighty human kingdoms - noble Adernach, vast Poljana, dark Drangen, proud Bukovina, mythical Tristram, greedy city states of Laketown League and the others. The draft of this world is heavily inspired by Baltic and Slavic mythology, demonology and etymology.

Our fellowship called Vukogvazdská družina ("The Vukogvazd Company") consists of 9 young people, mostly students from Prague and Ostrava, Czech Republic. All characters and their deeds presented by players and Dungeon Masters during the game sessions are recorded in the Chronicles of Vukogvazd, so-called Letopisy. Our literary output presented to Czech and Slovak fantasy fans via Internet meets with exclusively positive feedback and encourages us to continue in our amateur-based and non-profit efforts.

For the secrets of Vukogvazd still wait to be revealed…

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